William Sweetlove

William Sweetlove

As an Accomplished nihilist, Sweetlove proceeds with an eye for details and pleasure of the loss of a holistic vision of things.

The representation of this condition occurs due to the actual reconstruction of a narrative model that advances by way of fragments focused in their minimum detail. The image is the bearer of an emotional web bound to extremely precarious emotive conditions.

A sweet subject lives within the intentionally pop image. The sweetness in this case marks an identity that requires no strong social affirmations. In art, it recovers the possibility of accentuation ‘, without declamation. The lack of a unified point of view, an ulterior conquest of this state, tends to reveal itself in an eclectic way.

Eclecticism is a further characteristic of this sweet identity, the actual artists condition whose artwork tends to neutralize the differences. Annihilation of the gap between different styles and distance between past and present. Diverse cultural temperatures blend to establish a composite image that pushes outward in many directions according to a mobile system of spacial relationships. A constellation of marks, open towards points of differentiated force, occupies the artwork.

A formulation beyond the idea of project but part of a calibrated gathering of elements that continuously move the image towards slippage and loss of meaning. If indeed the artist is the Accomplished nihilist then also the artwork completes its passage towards the unknown.

Sweetlove: with ironic love and sweetness.

Country: Belgium
Years active: 1974 - present

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