Title: The power of love
Author: David Spiller
Year: 2019

26 colour silkscreen printed on Somerset Satin 410gsm with hand torn edges.
Each print in this numbered limited edition of 95 is embossed by his estate, initialled by his wife Moira and son Xavier and comes with a full certificate of authenticity.

Edition of 95

Dimensions 98 x 96 cm

The original artwork for this latest limited edition silkscreen was created by David Spiller before he passed away in 2018. It has been printed using his original hand drawn layers to build up his beautiful artwork into a stunning silkscreen print.

David Spiller choose the background image and then produced the overlays of text and images building up the layers for this print. These different elements and colours were then transformed into screens and printed on the silkscreen press. His wife and son who are now managing his estate have taken over authenticating the prints and overseeing his artistic vision for these later works is maintained.

Price - on request

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